Wednesday, September 3, 2008


What is that number, you ask?

It's the number I found myself calling with trembling hands, a pounding heart and wet cheeks.

That, my friends, is the number for Poison Control.

Jonathon, being the quick and curious two year old, was in the hospital today for an accidental drug ingestion. Let me assure you that we keep our medications out of his reach; however, in record time he was able to get into my purse and open two bottles of pills. It happened so quickly and even with "child-proof" medication containers. Trying to remain calm, I looked at him and said, "Did you eat any of these?" He said, "Yes....yummy!" I immediately called poison control and was advised to get him to the local ER immediately due to the medications he was exposed to. Whether he did or didn't eat any is still unknown. All of his blood tests, vitals and ekg's were reassuring. He was released after six hours of monitoring.

I had to rush from the hospital to my EMT class and just arrived home a few minutes ago. He is sleeping, peacefully, with Daddy.

A huge THANK YOU to Marissa for helping me out with the other kids. I appreciate it more than you know.


carrie said...

Oh Becky. How scary! I knew just from the title, where the post was going. I know the number from the poison control commercial that we used to see (a lot) in Chicago. Apparently it worked, since I do remember it!

Jeesh, though. I'm so glad he is okay. And a good reminder for all of us to be more vigilant!

jinky bean said...

I'm so glad he's alright. My girls have done a very crazy things like that too, and it's about as scary as you can get. (We were lucky to learn that too many tums may just give you a tummy ache.)

Dora said...

Would I be too nosey if I asked what he took?
I'm glad he's ok.
We went through somethings similar with kathryn.

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