Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chainsaw accident...

Jacob chainsaw, originally uploaded by Parenting With Whine.

Here is Jacob after a chain saw met the left foot. YIKES!


jinky bean said...

I'm going to bet this was for EMT class...the nice sheet laid out, the clever splatterings of blood. the fact that one leg(with the missing foot) is longer than the other leg...

I want to hear all about it. Last night I was the victim - with hot metal poured down my work boot.

Nickie said...

OMG...that's not real is it? Is that for school...Oh, I hope it's not real. You are giving me a heart attack!

Amanda said...

Becky - Ditto what Nickie said - is this for real? What the heck os going on?! Let me know soon if you have a spare minute!

One of the bunch said...

I'm SO sorry about the heartattacks! But as Jinky said, this was for EMT class. Way to do a scene size up, Jinky! :)

Jacob has been a patient several times for our class. He LOVES it! There are times that it takes my breath away because he looks injured for REAL.

I was going to update these photos with words but was at the ambulance base last night. By the time I was able to edit them, we got a call.

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