Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh, my....

And so, the joys of parenting have come through yet again.

I was about to start dinner when Austin came running up to the house.

Mom, Katelyn said a bad word!

After further investigation, it was determined that she did, indeed say a bad word!

A bad word!

The kids were playing a game where the town was full of dinosaurs. Austin and Katelyn lived in the mountains. Apparently, there was an old man who also lived in the mountains. Austin asked the old man for food. This must have irritated the old man. He didn't want to give any food to the kids and yelled out at the kids. Since there really was no old man (or dinosaurs, for that matter), Katelyn decided that she would be the voice for the old man. And so, she yells out at the kids as the old man...


Now, I have no clue where she heard this word! When I questioned her on where she heard it, she said

When we had cable, it was on Spongebob.

Thank Goodness we've dropped the cable.
Unfortunately, we've also dropped the ball. *sigh*

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